Uberall Defines Online Voice Search Readiness (VSR) With First-Of-Its-Kind Study of 73,000 Business Listings


位置营销技术领导者的一项研究发现,Google,Yelp&bing for Facebook for VSR;还发现,分析的所有商业地点中几乎有一半的开放时间不正确

Uberall,Inc。, the location management solution for businesses competing to attract and win local brick-and-mortar customers, released its “Uberall Voice Search Readiness Report 2019,” analyzing 73,000 online business location listings across SMB, mid-market and enterprise. The report is the first-of-its-kind and the most comprehensive analysis ever on Voice Search Readiness (VSR).

“Voice search is one of the most hyped, yet perhaps least understood topics confronting businesses today,” said Norman Rohr, SVP of Marketing at Uberall. “Very few understand what it is to become ‘voice search ready’ and whether there is actually an ROI justification to begin with. With this report, we are rationalizing the discussion and helping brands and the agencies that support them identify how you can diagnose your own voice search readiness and improve it.”

今天,当消费者发布诸如“ OK/Siri/Alexa,找到我所在地区最好的机械师”之类的命令时,查询一次只会返回一个结果。这意味着,与桌面和移动搜索结果不同,只有一家企业可以赢。此外,当用户在口头上搜索其领域的业务信息时,跨某些关键目录的业务信息的准确性将确定是否建议在搜索结果中推荐业务。




For the analysis, Uberall identified 37 directories feeding voice search platforms that are the most important in terms of VSR. The top-3 platforms for VSR are, in order:

  1. Google + Google Maps
  2. Yelp
  3. Bing

“According to our experts,” said Rohr, “Google, Yelp, and Bing comprise approximately 90% of our voice search readiness score. Unfortunately, only 3.82% of business locations analyzed had correct information even on these three major directories. And, while Bing is in the top three, it remains the most neglected listing platform.”

Additional Key Findings

  • Dentists Top Politicians —The average VSR score was 44.12%, according to the analysis. Dentists had the highest average VSR score at 96.82%, followed by health food businesses (96.60%). In contrast, consumer protection organizations (0.20%) and congressional representatives (0.24%) had the lowest scores.
  • Sorry, Apple Maps —Although Apple Maps is certainly an important directory, according to Uberall’s study, in terms of listing your business details, it will not help you optimize for voice search queries.
  • 少了什么东西?Uberall identified the categories of business information that were missing most frequently opening hours the most glaring listing error/missing data. Uberall found 978,305 opening hour errors across listings, accounting for nearly half of all locations analyzed.


For Uberall’s Voice Search Readiness Report 2019, clickhere

About Uberall, Inc.

Uberallis a global leader in location management technology. Its flagship Location Marketing Cloud platform solution empowers the world’s biggest brands to connect with their customers and turn online interactions into offline sales. Uberall gives businesses central control of their digital presence and online reputation, enabling them to easily manage brand interactions in real-time on all digital platforms—mobile, voice and desktop—across websites, mobile apps, store locators, search engines, maps, social platforms, and advertising networks. TheLocation Marketing Cloud提供一致,准确的数字品牌足迹,可帮助企业捕获新客户并最大程度地利用每个位置的收入。


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